Wind Warning

John Key and his Government may need something stronger than an antacid to deal to a severe case of wind with Iwi claiming rights to water and now wind via the Waitangi Tribunal process.

Hapu Ngapuhi is making a claim for Maori to earn a dividend on the use of wind for commercial electricity generation stating that a precedent has been set by recent water claims.

Traditionally Maori did acknowledge many gods and guardians (male and female) including Tawhirimatea the god of wind and storm and Tangaroa the god of the sea (this claim is well established and in the main part settled).

Conveniently they don't seem to want to have a lot to do with Ruamoko the god of earthquakes and volcanoes.

His contribution has been great over the last two years but I guess the counter claims could work out being more expensive. 


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