The Garment Care Guide



Your suit or jacket will come with a shaped hanger and protective suit bag. This bag should be used for transporting the garments only, and is not suitable for storage.  

The shoulder of a jacket should sit forward so that the coat hangs straight. A badly hung coat will sag and lose shape, so take a moment to make sure it’s sitting properly  

Likewise, always hang your trousers over the hanger, folded along the crease lines. Try not to crush your suits in the wardrobe and allow the fibres to breathe.


Regular brushing with a stiff brush will remove dust build-up.

The abrasive quality of dust, combined with friction from wear, is what causes suits to ‘glaze’ or take on a shiny patina. Always brush in long sweeping movements and never use a circular or scrubbing motion. Brushing with the grain of the fabric will produce the best results.


If your suit is wrinkled, do not iron it directly - you risk scorching the cloth. 

In a pinch, you can press trouser legs by laying a clean, damp tea towel over them and giving them a gentle press. Avoid using an iron on any other area of the jacket or trouser.

Hanging your suit in your bathroom whilst running a hot shower is a great way to get it back in shape as the steam helps to relax the fibres. A good cloth has a memory and moisture, heat and gravity will generally help it return to its original shape.

If the wrinkles beat you, or you want to get the creases put back into your trousers, take it to your dry-cleaner and have them press the suit (as opposed to having the suit cleaned). Alternatively bring the suit to us and we can have it pressed for you on-site.


Bad dry-cleaning can do irreversible damage to your suit - wherever possible, avoid ‘convenience’ vendors such as one hour or same day services. You will always be better to pay a little more for a service you can trust.

Make sure you use a reputable firm and ask our staff for recommendations. We use Regal Dry-Cleaners in Auckland, Mall Dry-Cleaners in Wellington and Eastern Drycleaners in Christchurch.