What We Do

Our mission is to create special and permanent pieces that transcend trends.

For over 20 years Made to Measure has been the backbone of our offering.

We are proud of our quality and obsessed by detail.

What started in New Zealand with our own small workroom producing shirts, has grown to include Suits, Shirts, Shoes, Ties, Blazers & Trousers. 

We have retained our workroom and still manage all tailoring, hand finishing and quality control in house.

Made in Italy remains the pinnacle for Menswear production and we have fostered close working relationships with a network of respected artisan producers.


Winter Coats

Now is the perfect time to be investing in a new Coat.

Overcoats and Peacoats take pride of place in any man's Winter wardrobe 

We have an extensive selection of cloth in a variety of weaves and colours. 

Browse for inspiration from a wide selection of looks and secure an appointment today to guarantee delivery in time for Winter

Aria Tuxedo

There comes a time in every man's life for a great Tux. We've stuck with convention on this one, but there are plenty of unconventional options too.

Our Aria Tuxedo is available Ready to Wear and Made to Measure. Super 160's Wool with Duchess satin Trim.

Made in Italy.



Drakes Pocket Squares are like little pieces of art in your pocket. 

Bemberg Lining

One of the biggest pleasures when purchasing a Made to Measure suit is choosing the lining. We use and recommend Bemberg Linings for their superior comfort.

Bemberg is a high-quality brand of cupro produced in Japan. Made from Cotton, it is light and durable with a silky touch. 

Bemberg is also anti-static and anti-cling for added comfort. The advantage over a synthetic fibre is that it wicks sweat and humidity away from the body. Natural material means that this biodegradable fabric is produced from a renewable resource. 

Sometimes Always Never

Odd Trousers

Finding the right material for odd trousers—those worn with a blazer—is not easy. 

They need to navigate that fine line between being too casual whilst avoiding looking too formal. 

We have two great options for Autumn.




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