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What We Do

Our mission is to create special and permanent pieces that transcend trends.

For over 20 years Made to Measure has been the backbone of our offering.

We are proud of our quality and obsessed by detail.

What started in New Zealand with our own small workroom producing shirts, has grown to include Suits, Shirts, Shoes, Ties, Blazers & Trousers. 

We have retained our workroom and still manage all tailoring, hand finishing and quality control in house.

Made in Italy remains the pinnacle for Menswear production and we have fostered close working relationships with a network of respected artisan producers.


Final Clearance

Final Clearance

Summer Clearance: Ends Saturday, February 15.

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges wears Crane Brothers Made to Measure.



Drake's is one of our favourite brands. 

We carry a curated collection of staples and highlight pieces made by hand at their Haberdasher Street Factory in the heart of East London, and in Italy.

Drake's Pocket Squares are like little pieces of art in your pocket. 


Loro Piana's Travel Line is specifically designed for busy modern lifestyles. This practical and easy care fabric combines breathability and comfort.

Special treatments enhance performance.

RNZ Concert


The irregular mumblings and musings from the desk of our founder Murray Crane. 

Odd Trousers

Finding the right material for odd trousers—those worn with a blazer—is not easy. 

They need to navigate that fine line between being too casual whilst avoiding looking too formal. 

We have two great options for Spring.