The Third Richard

The bones of Richard the Third the last of the Plantagenet Kings have been discovered in Great Britain.

Killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 his body was unearthed in a parking lot in the English Midlands.

Testing has proved that they are the bones of King Richard III who for centuries was the most widely reviled of English monarchs. DNA samples taken from two modern-day descendants of Richard III’s family matched those from the bones found at the site. One of the descendants is the son of a 16th-generation niece of King Richard’s. The second wished to remain anonymous ( they're all related somehow )

The skeleton has a gaping hole in the skull consistent with accounts of the battlefield blow that killed the monarch more than 500 years ago in a stoush that became the decisive battle of the War of the Roses and is regarded by many as the end of the Middle Ages.

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