Store Renovations Chapter 1

We will be saying goodbye to some familiar faces when we refit our stores over Easter.

The mannequins we had made in 1999 by Purfex are being retired.

The original we copied ( which has been kept ) was from Colmax Menswear on Karangahape Road and was also made by Purfex in the forties.

These slightly strange looking men have stood silently for 13 years staring out on to High Street and Customhouse Quay.

They have survived a fire and numerous times being dropped by over enthusiastic visual merchandisers.

They've been photographed and filmed and undressed in public hundreds of times. We will miss them. 

The renovation plans are all set and I will be updating everyone as it happens over Easter including some before and after shots along the way.

This week we start a one off SALE at our Richmond Road store to make room for the new collection and generally make space.

After 14 years we've accumuated quite a lot of stuff.

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