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I have agreed to do the Big Sleepout this year: 

On the 4th of July a bunch of people who live in houses and have WiFi will be making a public stand against homelessness at the annual Lifewise Big Sleepout.

The last time I slept rough was in Geraldine when I sneaked out of home in Form 4 age 14 to hook up with my girlfriend at the tunnels at Kennedy Park adventure playground..

This time I will be stripped of my creature comforts, forced to dress in casual clothing and exposed to the elements and given a first hand insight into what it means to ‘sleep rough’.

You aren't even allowed to get takeaway pizzas delivered from Prego or watch TV. It's really serious.

So on a more serious note: The night is to raise critical awareness and funds for Lifewise’s highly successful ‘no band aids’ approach to homelessness. 

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