Robert Falcon Scott

So much has been written about the great British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. As New Zealanders his exploits and heroism has touched many of our lives.

For myself growing up in the South Island of New Zealand I recall seeing his statue by the Avon River in Christchurch (currently fallen) and visiting the Canterbury Museum to read in awe about his adventures.

My Grandfather (who grew up in Lyttleton) recalls stories from witnesses of the Nimrod departing from Port on that fateful journey that would end nearly two years later.

Tomorrow (March 29th) is 100 years since that fateful day when at the age of 43 he was beaten by the elements in his quest for the Pole.

It really is an amazing and inspiring story full of drama and equal to anything that had come before or after it. There is a wealth of information on the Internet and in libraries about him and his team including Herbert Ponting who photographed much of the adventure.

Read up and take a little time to remember one of the world’s greatest explorers and reflect on what part he has had in shaping our nation.

Robert Falcon Scott | Dispatch