Personal Assistance

I have loved watching the new series of Downton Abbey. It is set in an era when "downstairs" meant just that and being "upstairs" meant that you could pretty much boss people around as much as you liked.

I think that if we returned to more of a class based society that many of our unemployment problems would be solved because there would be jobs as servants for all those out of work.

If the revolution comes I am hoping for a Valet or "personal man servant". Someone to lay out my clothes and take care of all my personal items.

He would be responsible for making my travel arrangements, dealing with any bills and handling all money matters. He would also be adept at hand sewing and invisible mending, shoe shine and most importantly making tea.

If I had to be a servant this would be my preferred role so either way I am happy.

Kind of like an old fashioned Personal Assistant but not one that sits on Trade Me all day texting their friends.

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