Orphans And Kingdoms

Orphans and Kingdoms, the film, is an original New Zealand drama by writer/director, and long time Waiheke resident ( and one time flatmate), Paolo Rotondo.

It tells the story of a man who returns home only to be bound and beaten by three fugitive kids.

Exposed to the helplessness of his tormentors he is forced to face the demons of his own past and over the course of the night the tables are turned and a tenuous bond begins to grow between them.

When dawn comes, so too does the law and the four of them find themselves on the run together. 

We were pleased to be involved and support it in a very small way.  As a way of saying thanks we have been given 2 tickets to the films' World Premiere at the New Zealand International Film Festival on Sunday 20th July at Sky City cinema in Auckland.

To be in the draw to win just visit http://orphansandkingdoms.com//tickets and make sure you use the promo code: WAIHEKE


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