Noble Handcrafted Maple Syrup

I caught up with Nick Brown from Cook & Nelson recently and he visited loaded down with treats including some amazing Maple Syrup from American company Mikuni Wild Harvest.

Mikuni developed the Noble line so they could work with small-batch food craftsman, dedicated to creating unique, high-quality and delicious products.

The Noble line consists of two aged maple syrups and three vinegars. They are beautifully packaged in a heavy glass bottle and topped with a thick dollop of white waxy seal.

Noble Tonic 01 is a medium amber grade maple syrup from Quebec. It is aged in a Bourbon charred barrel that imbues the syrup with hints of bourbon and oak.

 This gives it an interesting savoury flavour rather than the sickly sweet taste with some syrups. I can imagine it working really well with Blue Cheese or even with meat.

It tasted pretty good on the end of my finger.

They do have a sweeter variety (02) that is infused with Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Egyptian Chamomile Blossom.

Cook & Nelson have a great selection of product.

Check out their range here.



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