Men's Health Week

This week is Men's Health Week.

Looking good is not just about the clothes that you wear, it is also about taking care of yourself. I know first hand how difficult it is to follow any sort of regime, get enough sleep, eat the correct food and deal with stress. Sometimes the pressure to exercise and eat well is just as stressful.

Ultimately though we all need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically and it starts with the small things. Getting enough sleep and the correct hydration, managing your sugar and caffeine intake and being active.

Basically, I think of myself as a car (classic not vintage yet) I need to use high-quality fluids and the right fuel. I can't stay parked for too long in one place and need a good drive every now and then.

And, as anyone who owns a classic car will know, the older it gets the more maintenance it requires although I have always been a big fan of original paint and not too much body work. 


Men's Health Week 



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