Leader Debate

Watching the leader’s debate last night made me remember why I find politics so boring.

I don’t think National are perfect but I am glad John Key has been at the helm over the last 3 years. Labour has traditionally had a better Arts policy and is possibly more socially aware but we are all partly responsible for our more dependant population. They just need to start helping themselves.

Some other things I did think;

Why is National being hassled for wanting to sell part of Air New Zealand? Has everyone forgotten they are the ones who bailed it out?

Isn’t it better to be working than going on the dole, even if it is a minimal amount ?  You need to start somewhere. All the best people I have employed were prepared to work for free to prove their worth.

How many additional unemployed will there be with a mandatory 10% employer contribution to Kiwi saver?

Has Labour forgotten we had a major national disaster last year; maybe they should as it seems bad taste using it as political capital.

Televised debates make bad TV.

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