I have been meaning to post something about Kazuya Restaurant since visiting for the first time last week.

The occasion was my Birthday and it was a surprise, which was good, as it is easy to go with what you know rather than risk being let down.

What a revelation, I can honestly say that this was one of my top dining experiences of all time ( including Michelin Star restaurants in Paris ).

If you are looking for original, well prepared, exceptional tasting food presented by humble people who cannot hide their passion for the experience they are providing you then I highly recommend that you experience Kazuya.

The space is humble enough, the wine list is well edited, it is not overly expensive and you can taste that passion and authenticity in every mouthful.

Their tasting menu and degustation is incredible, they are very Art Friend ( Vegetarian) friendly and genuinely love what they are doing. 

Go because you can, don't wait for an excuse or event like I did.

You wont be disappointed. 

Kazuya, 193 Symond Street, Eden Terrace. 




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