Inspiration is everywhere.

My inspiration comes to me when I am travelling on foot or by car, train and plane.

One of the benefits of growing up before the internet was invented is that I have a scavenging nature when looking for ideas. I never look at a computer screen.

Technology plays its part, though: I am always blowing out my iPhone Battery taking pictures of people, places and commercial buildings signage, colours, textures and the way light impacts on these things.

Menswear is very disciplined and detail focussed, it changes slowly season to season.

Cloth, Cut and Construction are the three main things to consider. The choosing of cloth is a very visual and tactile experience whereas cut is all about proportion. I think that’s where the graphic design background comes through.

My Grandfather was a signwriter all of his working life and we often spoke about the correct way to hold a pencil or the lightness of touch needed with a brush.

He hardly ever used a ruler instead relying on his eye to balance things out in an imperfect way. He taught me to use mine properly.

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