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November sees the launch of the Seafarers Members Club. Auckland really needs this.

Clubs in general have seen their traditional member base age and decline. Internationally though there are a host of great clubs opening that have reinvigorated the tradition in a modern way.

Seafarers will represent the “new“ Auckland we hear so much about these days: a place to celebrate our collective success with a focus on the arts, film, music and fashion as well as business.
Based in the Seafarers Building in Britomart, it will be a contemporary club where members can go to work as well as entertain and socialise in a well-managed, professional environment. The events calendar is already looking full and exciting, with film and fine wine clubs as well as a kids club so you don’t need to leave them in the car park. They’ve thought of everything.

For me the real bonus is their reciprocal rights. This allows members to access a network of similar establishments, including their benefits and facilities, globally in all the great cities of the world. Seafarers is yet to open but has already secured rights with some of the very best including The Norwood Club in New York and The Hospital Club in London - a testament to the quality we can expect and also the allure of our great City for International guests.

Membership is limited and they are in the final throes of reaching out to new members.
If it is of interest there is more information available here. I would highly recommend it.

Members events: Click Here.
Application form: Click Here.

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