Last night I attended a dinner hosted by Partridge Jewellers to showcase one of their watch brands Hublot. It was hosted at the Ferrari showroom in Auckland, the perfect setting given they were celebrating their recent partnership.

I was seated at the table with the Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe who was in New Zealand for 48 hours. We talked at length about Watches and Cheese.

Until now Hublot has been a brand that I have not been that familiar with and I have to say that aesthetically it isn't a natural fit for me.

However it is a fascinating story.

The company is truly innovative and and has developed a reputation for using modern materials like Rubber (in their straps) as well as Titanium, Kevlar and Gold and Ceramic. They produce their own movements whilst still respecting the traditional craft of watch making.

They also have a great website:


Hublot | Dispatch