Hamish McKay's Modernist Home

At Crane Brothers, we stock the latest issue of Monocle magazine in the store. A current highlight in the magazine is a story, shot by Derek Henderson, on art dealer Hamish McKay’s mid-century home in Wellington.

The house was designed by architect Reg Uren and was bought by Hamish from Reginald’s brother Ron. The house was designed by Reg for his brother Ron in 1965. It is quite possibly the only house in New Zealand designed by Reginald.

Reg is the nephew of noted architect Reginald Uren, who designed major buildings such as the John Lewis store on Oxford Street and the Sanderson Hotel in London.

According to Hamish, Reg was an enigmatic figure "“he’s kind of a big mystery. 

The house was built in 1965 and is made from redwood cedar, glass, and stone. Hamish said “there’s a book called Modern and the house is on the cover of that book, front, and back. Jeremy Hansen from Home magazine published it. The house has also been in Italian Vogue magazine.”

Hamish McKay's Modernist Home | Dispatch