Fumagalli 1891

We have just received our Spring delivery from Fumagalli; established in 1891 during the industrious Belle Epoque or "Beautiful Era", a period in European history that started in 1871.

The founder Mr. Attilio Fumagalli was driven by a desire to create a high quality product with a great family textile tradition. He started with the production of ties in gauze and dressing gowns in silk in Via Sirtori in Milan. Fumagalli soon became renowned for its exceptionally well-made men's accessories and it’s international reputation grew.

Today the company is based in Como - the home of Italian fabric printing - and they continue their traditions of tailoring, craftsmanship and high quality.

Their ties do not have a tip and have been finely finished with hand-rolled hems at both blade ends. The technique used to craft these ties is the same one that has been handed down the generations and requires several hours of dedicated work.

Exclusive to Crane Brothers



Fumagalli 1891 | Dispatch