Ellen Melville

Freyberg Place and Ellen Melville Centre have re-opened.

The outdoor square and Ellen Melville Centre's indoor spaces were designed specifically to meet the needs of the ever-growing and changing the population of residents, workers, visitors and groups in the area.

Linking High Street to the O'Connell Street, Chancery Square and the Metropolis, Freyberg Place provides an open-air public space for local workers, residents and visitors alike to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  

Lord Freyberg, New Zealand’s seventh governor-general, once again surveys the area.

You can book Ellen Melville Centre facilities for your meetings, private functions, exhibitions, films, concerts and performances, with five different spaces available.

A flexible urban living room opens onto Freyberg Place and there is a new artwork by Lisa Reihana, Justice, that can be seen on the wall facing into O'Connell Street, paying homage to the history of the building and its namesake.


Ellen Melville Facility

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