Drakes: Exclusive To Crane Brothers

There is high excitement in our High Street store this week. There have been gasps, moans and uncontrolled sighs of love, desire and appreciation.

We have been unpacking our first delivery from Drakes of London.

Internationally regarded as the being at the pinnacle of luxury men’s neckwear and accessories the company was founded in 1977 by Michael Drake. Drakes are the largest independent producer of handmade ties in England.  All ties are completely handmade in the heart of London. 

The company draws on their rich heritage and carefully adheres to the traditions of craftsmanship built up over thirty years of striving for excellence.

There is a meticulous attention to detail that is never compromised in creating a totally authentic, ultimate English handmade tie.    

All ties are cut by hand from generous blocks of the finest silks, using a different set of patterns for each quality of silk. 

The generous blocks allow all three parts of the tie to be cut “fully on the bias”, and also ensure sufficient cloth to create a deep fold at the back of the tie so it can be hand slipped more securely.

Drakes believe that true luxury is indeed the comprehension of quality.


Drakes: Exclusive To Crane Brothers | Dispatch