Crane Daughter

My daughter Arabella had her last day at school today. Exams and university beckon.

This is the girl who, as a baby, slept in a box whilst I worked in the store and refused to ever go in a push chair.

She has had visits to Starship and has broken a few bones, most notably her wrist which also saw her visit A and E.

She has been absolutely convinced she could drive a car since the age of 10 and is currently sitting her drivers licence (no lessons from me).

She is pig-headed and opinionated which I love about her and isn't afraid to work or get her hands dirty. She couldn't care less about the industry I work in but is fascinated by my business and all it represents.

She can also throw a ball further and harder than most men I know. She has endured two failed marriages and all the crap that that brings but still loves me and I know that our relationship will get even better as she gets older.

I am very proud of the young woman she has become. 


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