Casual Approach

I am so comfortable in a suit that when Sunday rolls around and I am ready for some time off I struggle with what to wear. 

I know I am not alone and constantly speak with many of you about what smart casual or business casual should be and how it works in your wardrobe. 

For me, the rules I adopt to suit buying remain. I think quality is important, especially when it comes to cloth and construction. There is a big difference between good cotton and bad cotton and it shows. Comfort plays a big part but I don’t want to look sloppy.

Gubb and Mackie is really solving my dilemma. I have a number of key pieces from their last two collections that are getting extensive wear, a couple of their shirts and chinos have even made it into my normal weekday rotation. 

I think the strength of the collection is their soft washed cotton shirting and tailoring; All cotton is sourced from Italian Mills so it has that great compact finish and quality you don’t get with cheaper Chinese made product. I also love the fact that everything is still made here in New Zealand by small artisanal producers who have bucked the trend and are committed to producing product here. 

I challenge anyone who say’s these things don’t make a difference because they do. The world is flooded by mass production, so it is nice to know where things come from, and be able to talk with the people who make it.

 So back to the product; A soft button down shirt that doesn’t need a lot of pressing that looks just at home under a jumper or on its own. 

A well cut pair of dark Navy or Olive chinos that can be dressed down with a pair of trainers or up with a Blazer; Gubb and Mackie have a few that can be thrown on for extra layering.

Blazers and Odd Jackets are so difficult to get right but they have a great selection.

Weekend sorted whether you are jumping on a plane to Sydney or just mooching around home 

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