Cambridge Clothing Factory Closure

Cambridge Clothing, one of a handful of surviving local manufacturers is to close their New Zealand factory.

Unfortunately it doesn't come as a complete surprise.

Established in 1867 they were for many years (and remain) one of New Zealand’s largest menswear manufacturers.

It means the loss of 15 jobs as they finally wind down the remainder of their New Zealand operation. 

Yes you can say that the loss of jobs is something to be concerned about but they are jobs performed by men and women who have no obvious replacements given the lack of young people willing to be trained to work in what is a traditional factory environment. People who study PR and Media don't know how to make things. 

Manufacturing in New Zealand has become increasingly challenging, in the clothing industry, like many other industries, we are almost immune to this sort of news and have spent years developing our business models to not be impacted by it. That’s why we wake up every morning ready for a fight.

It is sad to see a company knocking on the door of 150 years trading close its doors on it’s local business; it wouldn’t have been an easy decision for them to make, but times change and they are changing with them to ensure they survive.


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