Business Casual

Chambray, Denim, and Oxfords are all materials that have their roots firmly placed in workwear whilst the fine hand finishing details associated with high-quality Italian and English manufacturing have on the whole been confined to a more formal garment.

All of that is changing as our casual and work wardrobes continue to morph. The denim shirt featured in this post is a great example of the current "mash-up" of luxury and casual. 

Albini, well known for their superfine cotton, also produce a fine range of denim under their Albiate line.

The shirt is Made in Italy exclusively for us, in this case, me. This particular shirt features many of the top line details we can offer on any shirt and has been enzyme washed for extra softness and comfort.

Details include:

Single needle stitching: This is sometimes referred to as English stitching. It looks neater and cleaner because there are fewer visible stitches. Single needle shirts tend to look cleaner over time and press up nicer.

Turned sleeve: The sleeve is turned in the Neapolitan tradition. First, the sides are closed and then the sleeve is inserted giving the shirt a kind of construction similar to that of a jacket.

Split Yoke: The back yoke is split for greater ease and natural stretch.

Embroidered buttonholes: The embroidered buttonhole is wider than normal to better allow the buttons to pass through. In this case Australian Mother of Pearl, the gold standard in buttons. These are stitched on in the Florence Lily pattern.

Mouche or gusset in the same shirt fabric with a pentagonal shape and stitched at both bottom sides of the shirt for extra strength.

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