All Black Jersey

As a dyed in the wool New Zealander I have to say that I am saddened to see that the New Zealand Rugby Union has capitulated and allowed another sponsors logo on to the All Black jersey and to make it worse an Insurer obviously trying to win the hearts of a legion of disgruntled Christchurch supporters.

I am sure that the money seems worthwhile (for now) but what damage does it do long term. Personally I think it is a mistake. 

The All Black "brand" became so strong because for so long it didn't seem like it was trying to be a brand, it just was. 

In a professional era plagued by player contract negotiations, child labor scandals and over priced merchandise the All Blacks and their jersey have always seemed to be the last bastion, a reminder to us all of the heritage of the team.

That Genie has left the bottle and no one can find the cork. 




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