It is hard not to get swept up in the fervor of the Olympics and the success that our team have had. But at over $1000 000.00 of taxpayer’s money per athlete to get them there you would be hoping that we would experience some modicum of success. As a taxpayer I can't help but think that perhaps that money could be better spent.

We never seem to be happy with anything less than a Gold and fourth or sixth seems to be seen as a complete failure. Imagine if we took that same energy, training, belief and funding and sunk it into Music, Art, Design or Business; Would we be happy with having one of the top three musicians in the world or one of our Graphic or Industrial Designers being recognized globally as being in the top ten of their chosen field?

Would it warrant a parade or a knighthood if an International panel recognized one of our Architects or Fashion Designers as Best in Show? The Wine industry regularly receives such accolades but seems to receive minimal support and many other innovative industries are starved of any funding assistance at all.

Sport is good and has to be seen as a vital part of any society’s fabric, its social impact is immensely positive. However it isn’t going to raise our standard of living or the countries GDP single handed.

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