Madam Woo

I was invited to go to the North Shore and visit the new Madam Woo as part of a soft opening last night. I went with my Art Friend and the smallest one (both vegetarian).

There are more Asian inspired Restaurants in Auckland than Chinese names on a leaked Labor Party document so I was interested to see if they would stand out.

They will; the location is smart as Takapuna is a bit of a Bok Choy-free zone.The service was impressive for a new room, the staff were very knowledgeable and attentive and brought the shared plates out in a logical fashion.

This would be a fantastic place for a lazy Sunday lunch or a dinner with a larger party, without the lazy susan and watered down jasmine tea. The menu catered well to all our various likes and dislikes. The hawker rolls were a hit as was the dahl and the burnt coconut and mango ice cream.

Malaysian Food is typically a little sweet for my taste, but this was balanced well: heat wasn't an issue, even for the small one. If anything it could be hotter.

They take bookings as well, which I would recommend as I can see them being very busy. 


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