Gubb And Mackie

After a long and challenging journey Gubb and Mackie opened its doors today.

I have owned the brand since purchasing the trademark from its original owners over a decade ago. I was drawn to the heritage of the brand and its history.

We had a pop-up store in Britomart before pop-up stores (and Britomart) were fashionable, then shelved the brand when global financial meltdowns were in vogue before re-introducing it into our Crane Brothers store two years ago. That was born out of a change in the mood of the city, of men's shopping habits and their requirements.

It also involved a very young, somewhat naive, and very talented man by the name of Jordan Gibson who I felt had the potential to drive the label creatively.

This week Jordan turned 24 and that reflects what we are trying to achieve with this concept: it's not about the past any longer.

It's easy to roll out historical references and manifest something with faux-heritage, but I know that with Jordan's guidance, ideas, enthusiasm and hard work he (we) will create something new and exciting: modern menswear that complements our existing offer. No pressure.

So the doors are open and the project enters its next phase with a beautiful space designed by another great, young, local talent: Jamie McLellan. 

For myself the space represents progress, a sense of achievement, and also a return to a building I worked in selling menswear over 20 years ago (when I was a bit older than Jordan is now). I am excited.

Gubb and Mackie, 35b Vulcan Lane.


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