Webbs Fine Wine Auction

Right now seems like the pefect time to drink. Webbs are currently conducting a Fine Wine auction including some rare spirits from iconic Chinese Distiller Moutai .

Moutai, along with Scotland Whisky and Cognac Brandy is regarded as one of the three most famous liquor producers in the world.

As early as 135 B.C, the ancient town of Moutai began producing Medlar Sauce Liquor praised by Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, and this became the predecessor of Moutai - the national Chinese liquor.

Moutai is named after the town with the same name near Zunyi prefecture in Renhuai, Guizhou Province in south western China, where brewing/distilling has a very long history. It is believed that the town of Moutai possesses a unique climate and vegetation that contributes to the taste of liquor.

Moutai has been used in official occasions of feasts and state banquets with foreign heads of state and distinguished guests visiting China. It is the only alcoholic beverage presented as an official gift by Chinese embassies in foreign countries and regions.


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