To Be Frank

There seems to be a lot of furore about New Zealand Posts plans to cut their delivery days in half.

I think it is all lightning in a letterbox.

Most of it seems to have been posted online or as "emails and texts" to Editors and Talkback hosts. Kind of proves the point.

I guess there is no denying that email and texting has replaced the need for a letter but if you've taken a day to draft and write it out by hand what doe's an extra day really matter?

Most people won't be worried about their bills coming later and the added pressure on our broadband may be the catalyst needed to continue to invest in these services. 

I do agree that Farmers may be disadvantaged by a slower Rural Delivery but they are made of sterner stuff than most of us, they will adapt and survive.

Elderly people also seem to be portrayed (once again) as being disadvantaged.

Sadly for many they probably crave the social contact as much as the actual letter or bill that is being dropped off. 

Life moves at a fast pace, letters and the postal service have been replaced by a more efficient and faster system. progress is a good thing.



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