The Kids Are Alright

With all the recent chat about youth rates and minimum wages it seemed appropriate to talk about the fact that we are looking for an Office Junior.

This will be a junior position and it will be quite a menial role, at least at first, but like all starting roles it has the ability to grow and develop as the person we are investing time and money in develops and evolves.

I think people should be paid what they are worth, regardless of their age, but as an employer of 20 plus people there are always considerations around budget and even a very junior member of staff needs to make a contriibution.  

Higher wages sometimes bring a higher expectation and paying someone a "living wage" with upside based on their performance seems to me to be a smart way to approach this. The very reason why wages start low is to encourage employers to take on young people who are willing to invest in themselves.

I do, however, relish the idea of taking on someone who has left school or has not yet been employed and is itching to get a full time job and start feeling like their life is worthwhile. 

In the past I have had some monumental failures with staff and some great success.

I am not the easiest person to work for but I do reward people who work well for me, even on minimum wage.



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