The Italian Gentleman

Made in Italy represents the zenith of men's fashion.

The heart and soul of Italian style are rooted in the many workshops and ateliers of the established masters and artisans who for generations have created the finest menswear on the planet.

Respected sartorialist Hugo Jacomet is one of Europe's most knowledgeable commentators on men's fashion and he spent nearly two years travelling the length and
the breadth of Italy, from the foothills of the Alps to the islands of Sicily.

He spent his time documenting the craftsmanship behind Italy's most elegant gentlemen.

From Renaissance fabric mills to the world-famous sartorias, from international
brands to family-run businesses, over fifty houses from across the country
are celebrated in this new book The Italian Gentleman.

Photography by Lyle Roblin was commissioned specially for this book. This richly illustrates Hugo’s journey uncovering a “behind the scenes” look at the producers of true
Italian style. Many of our own suppliers are featured.

The book represents essential reading for the modern gentleman and all those
who appreciate the beauty of a bespoke suit, the quality of a hand-welted
shoe, the luxury of hand-made gloves, or the flamboyant panache of a
seven-fold silk tie.

The book is available in store now.

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