Sydney Side 6

One of the great things about having more time in Sydney is being able to visit all the wonderful restaurants that are on offer.

In no particular order here are 6 of my favourites:

Long Grain: Their Duck is life changing.

Apollo: Grecian delights: try the Lamb or the weed salad if you're so inclined. 

Pendolino: Artisanal Pasta from their own kitchen: Try the Tonno Tonnato and the Bavarese (I did). Killer Campari.

Rockpool Bar and Grill: Awe inspiring room and fantastic bar. Try the Partridge and watch the Hendricks, they serve doubles.

Bambini Trust: Best way to start the day or for lunch, if you can get in. Opens early so perfect if you're on NZ time and don't fancy a Continental or Buffet breakfast. 

Fratelli Fresh Bridge Street: Close to our new showroom, always elbow to elbow: Great Mozzerella bar.

Don't buy Duty Free booze or spend up large at Zara and Gap, try some gorgeous well cooked and presented food, those are the memories that stay with you much longer. 


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