Spring Clean

As you can probably imagine I have a lot of suits.

On average I probably get 6 made a year and that means I generally have a lot more that I don't wear than I do.

Add to that shirts and shoes and it means a wardrobe that needs managing. 

The latest sweep of my wardrobe has been particularly aggressive and means that I have a number of very nice suits and shirts to give away to a good (worthy) home.

I aren't a messy eater, don't smell and still have control of my bladder so they're in pretty good nick.

If you know of someone who could really benefit from a new working wardrobe who is "about my size" please get them to email me or email me on their behalf.

I am happy to talk with charities and that's where they will end up if they aren't needed but I would rather know the person recieving them and their story.




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