Simonnot Godard

It takes Simonnot Godard five months to turn yarn into one of their exquisitely finished products.

Established in 1787 they are the last french weaver of Luxury Handkerchiefs and pocket squares in France and have historically worked with all the great French houses including Givenchy, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent.

With an extensive archive to draw inspiration from they still weave in their atelier in France with Jacquard techniques and artisanal methods.

Once an exclusive pattern is selected they study and dye each coloured yarn individually to match the original colour prior to weaving. Once woven the fabrics are sent to Les Vosges in the East of France, a mountainous area with clean water, where in a small factory they are mercerised, washed, bleached and sanforised.

The final step after a further quality check is to cut and hand roll the edges.

Widely regarded as the most premium pocket square producer in the world and exclusive to Crane Brothers in New Zealand.


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