Welcome to 2017.

This year promises to be a milestone year for Crane Brothers with a number of exciting plans.

2016 saw some successful developments for us. We ended the year with the appointment of a new General Manager, with a strong team, and throughout the year we introduced our finance service, grew our business with Air New Zealand Airpoints and brand partners Jaguar as well as picking up international and domestic design awards for our Website and Graphic Design.

We continue to develop and expand our offshore production with designated factories now working for us in the North and South of Italy. Made in Italy has long been regarded as the pinnacle of menswear production and we are excited by the opportunities it represents for our own product development.

Our first foray out of New Zealand was the establishment of our Sydney showroom and this year we celebrate it’s four year anniversary. The model has been successful for us and we are looking forward to developing and growing the concept with new locations being announced this year.

Fashion and Retail are business sectors that seem to continue to get a bad rap and it is true that there is significant pressure on retail businesses to remain viable with increased competition from online and new entrances into the market. We welcome the competition and the constant churn of the industry as it creates opportunity and most importantly it drives all of us to constantly strive for improvement.

Twenty years ago we were a “new player”, light on our feet, fearless and naive. We had to fight for every scrap of business we could. It is easy to become complacent in business, we won’t.

Despite what some people may think we still roll our sleeves up for that disruption every day.

That will never change.



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