School Production

I went to my sons School Production last night. To use some thespian terminology it was the best of times and it was the worst of times.

There is something exciting about seeing your child on stage, aimlessly staring into the audience trying to make you out. A little out of tune and a little out of step with everyone else, confined to a group role to disguise the challenges they face as an actor.

The costumes and props all hand made by volunteers and over enthusiastic teachers. A lot of paper mache. It was brilliant.

On the flipside:

The hard seats, cramped conditions ( they certainly stuff them in when there is a $10.00 cover charge), the lack of ventilation and subsequent aroma that permeates from a high number of people who do not care for their shoes by using a cedar shoe tree to remove odour let it down.

Actually there was possibly even the odd shoe that wasn’t leather.

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