Restaurant Hell

Apparently in excess of 47 new restaurants have opened in Auckland in the last 4 weeks.

Hard to see them all surviving.

I haven't been to many new ones lately, trying to avoid the crush. There are obviously some stand outs; I haven’t heard a bad thing about Depot for instance (1 out of 48).

I guess my concern is that if it was difficult enough to find experienced service staff before the gold rush how hard must it be now?

I have heard of ex staff members being flown back from the far flung reaches of the globe and I assume that some very good staff have been poached from Christchurch.

Even then: 48 head chefs, 48 sous chefs, 48 maître d , 500 plus waiting staff, sommeliers, glassies and the list goes on.

They can’t all be good can they?

Hopefully the experiences of our international guests are good ones.

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