Mat Rew

The hardest part about closing our Richmond Road store has been saying good bye to Mat Rew.

The problem with a guy like Mat is that he is so unique, so much a part of that store, that era and that neighbourhood that we can't just simply uproot him and move him to another part of the business. 

So sadly yesterday was his last day, as usual he was there hustling like he always has, getting that late sale away. 

My favourite Mat Rew story ( there are many) is the day he sold a suit to a religious person whose denomination doesn't matter who had "popped in" with the sole intention of leaving Mat with some information.

He never missed a sale, hardly ever missed a day of work but we will miss him heaps.

He nearly always chokes on the black when we play pool and makes me think I am a lot better than I am .

He always has great league tips, knows more than he should about World War 2 and can talk the ear off anyone, especially if it has to do with music, or any aspect of popular culture in Auckland over the last 20 years. 

He is good fun to drink with and we've shared good times and bad.

He is everyones mate but I am pleased to call him a friend.


Mat Rew | Dispatch