Maiden Italy

Silvio Berlusconi, what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Rather than dwell on his love life I will talk about his suits;

In 2010 he moved from Caraceni one of Italy’s oldest firms (1913) to Kiton because he wanted a more “optimistic” look.

He felt that by switching to a Neapolitan silhouette and lighter colours could achieve this.

This caused quite an outrage in Italy as he was moving from a bespoke product to Made to Measure.

Unusually he is still seen predominantly favouring Navy wool, quite often double breasted. Possibly looking optimistic didn’t work or his Kiton was at the cleaners (spotting).

Never mind the underage girls, the insults to foreign leaders including Obama (nice suntan) and general debauchery that has reached Caligula proportions.

The man who said meeting the Pope got in the way of his partying nearly always looks well turned out.

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