Madd Gear

My 9 year old son Monty is obsessed with scootering.

He has recently become interested in all things  "pro" and now spends his whole time talking about 360's, 180's, sex changes and back flips. He has a Madd Gear deck, long neck ODI grips and some Krunk clamp that is apparently very good. All at my expense and I am confused.

The MGP tour hits New Zealand next week in a drive to make parents poorer. The school holidays will help them achieve this.

Worth checking out if you are still a kid at heart or enjoy the White Cross waiting room and Starships plastering room.

Disclaimer: Adults that ride scooters are lame. My interest is purely in having an obsession with well marketed brands, customisation in any shape or form and anything that brings a smile to my sons face.

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