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Shaving is a daily ritual that I enjoy immensely and over the last 30 or so years I have developed a good process that serves me well.

Over the years I have dabbled with different brands of razor and foams and gels but like many things I have reverted to a more traditional and simple routine and have returned to a safety razor.

One unexpected benefit has been a dramatic reduction in cost, with a box of safety razors costing significantly less than their far more expensive (and I believe inferior) counterparts.

Surveys show that a double edge razor shave cost is approximately 7 cents per shave as opposed to 25 cents for a modern disposable razor.

There are a couple of good places to purchase blades online. I would recommend Man Cave as they have the best selection and good shipping.

I use Feather, made in Japan the company was started in 1932 and still exists today. They also produce surgical implements and scalpels so know how to make a sharp blade.

Aesop has a very good selection of shaving implements. Like all things they do, the design is well considered and simple. I particularly like the Sori Yanagi award winning design stainless bowl. Combined with the Moroccan Shaving Serum it creates a perfect lather.

I have tried a number of razors and brushes. I would recommend you shop around for hardware that suits you best as the weight is important, once again, I believe, Aesop have this perfected with their version.

I grew up with Beatrix Potter so I prefer synthetic Badger brushes to the real thing. 

Blade shaving is an enjoyable experience but isn’t without its perils, namely nicks and cuts caused by inexperience or haste. I cannot recommend one product highly enough. Bloc Osma Alum Block. Osma Laboratories has been handcrafting alum blocks and natural cosmetics for over 50 years. A favorite with wet shavers the world over, this naturally occurring alum is handcrafted and polished in France.

The Osma alum stone, with astringent and antibacterial properties, calms razor burn and limits irritations and bumps. A small block lasts a long time, even with daily use. 

Aesop’s suite of shaving products are available online or visit one of their stores. In New Zealand, they are sold at David Jones (Wellington) and have recently opened a new store (the first in New Zealand) in Newmarket Auckland.






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