Congratulations to the Royals on the birth of their first son and the establishment of a new blood line.

Hopefully young Willy junior won’t inherit some of the less favorable traits that have plagued the royal family. The "Dynasty of Dementia" is alive and well with the Windsor blood being linked back to King George (Mad).

Newly minted Granddad Charles has long been known as the loony prince (I wish I was a tampon).

As for Great Granddad Prince Philip, he brought more exotic blood into the royal family back in 1921 coming from a family whose tormented history involved assassination, death by blood poisoning, judicial murder, slaughter of the innocent, exile, and disgrace.

Philip's mother Alice was an embarrassment to the royals throughout the last 20 years of her life. She died having spent her last years out of public view, aimlessly roaming the back corridors of Buckingham Palace.

Inbreeding is a major factor in the royal family's unique psychiatric history. Charles's parents are both direct descendants from the line of George III and Queen Victoria, which makes them third cousins. (By another line of descent, they are second cousins once removed.)

And it didn't start this century; it's been a royal practice for generations, since it was useful for shoring up political allies.

One result is that Prince Charles has 22 separate lines of descent from Mary Queen of Scots.

Inbreeding tends to result in "the appearance of relatively many individuals with hereditary diseases. “: that’s a nice way of putting it.

If the royals are prone to eccentric behavior, they have little opportunity to minimize the risk of further embarrassments.

It is, of course, Prince Charles who has had the underside of his character most completely revealed.

It must be a great relief that there is now another option.



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