Hand Out

Interesting to hear the Government saying this morning in the media that they need to encourage entrepreneurship in Christchurch. New Zealand is a nation of small business owners, many of whom have had their livelihoods absolutely destroyed in minutes. I am sure they can see the irony of this statement.

Why would you take the risk of a lease, employing staff and paying tax just to pay again when you actually need assistance.

Basically being self employed means that you have no support in terms of income when your business can no longer support you due to a tragedy you have no control over. Sure you can insure your self to a certain degree but you waive many of the rights of an employee has by working for your self.

It seems to me that the people who will fare best are those on a benefit living in leased accommodation. 

A cruel twist for those who have worked their whole lives paying tax, contributing to EQC and generally functioning as members of society.

Less chance of getting crushed by a falling building on your lunch break when you don't work I guess.

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