Flying Nun

With Flying Nun turning 30 I realise that makes me a lot older than that.

I am glad they are still going and even getting stronger. I have always loved what they do, especially the art work.

Spending many of my formative years in the South Island meant I was very close to the evolution of Flying Nun drinking with the bands, watching them perform and even living next door to them.

I guess everyone has a Flying Nun story and over the years I have been lucky enough to work with many of the artists through various projects including the original tee shirt project for little brother.

Christchurch City Gallery and Library has a fantastic archive of Nun memorabilia. It is easy to see why so many of these images worked just as well as tee shirt images.

Well done to all the artists, many who played in the bands as well as designing album sleeves and putting up the posters.

This is or cultural history: Celebrate it.

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