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I have been reading all the reviews of Eden Park from the weekend and have to say that they are pretty spot on. What everybody seems to be missing is a review of the people attending the event.

It is pretty clear that they are the biggest contibuting factor to any problems.

Most complaints seem to be centering around:

1. Expensive Food and Beer: The game is at 7.30, have dinner before you go.

2. The toilets are too busy: Don't drink so much beer.

3. The queue was too long: Read your ticket properly and work out where you need to be prior to attending the event.

It was patently obvious to me (and others) that most delays were caused by people who were in the wrong queue. There were also lots of people un seated at kick off because they couldn't find their seats.

Somehow that is Eden Parks problem? The stands and seats are in alphabetical and numeric order. Alphabetical order means that H comes after A and 312 comes after 311.The lower numbers are nearer the front (A) and they get higher as you go back (H). Given the event is SOLD OUT there is a fairly high chance that someone will be sitting in the seat you have randomly selected unless they are also drunk or at the toilets.

There were in excess of 55 000 people at the event and you had to wait 20 minutes for a train:

Boo Hoo.

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