Easter Trading

I am very conflicted by the current Easter trading hours.

As an owner of retail businesses I want to maximise my trading and being closed is never a good way to do this, even with an ever increasing online client base. I also hate the idea of a client turning up at one of my physical stores and not being able to shop when it suits them.

As an employer, I welcome the break for my team, and I include myself in that team. Enforced time off work is great and when you are a seven day operation it is hard to totally switch off unless the business is completely locked down. That doesn't leave too many options.

After spending time shopping abroad, especially Italy, where the trading hours are designed to "suit" with midday closures for lunch and later closing hours I can't help but think that we are making a rod for our own back by continuously wanting to stretch out days open.

Is it really that bad to have some days where we can't shop?

We live in such a consumer driven society, some respite is good.

Ironically I am writing this from my desk, at work.


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