Dumb Bunts

Amazing example of the ineptitude of the Auckland City Council in this mornings Herald.

Some how they have managed to spend $133 000.00 on bunting that became soggy after the first decent rain fall.

I can see why they thought that would be OK; Auckland is like Las Vegas right? It never rains!

A Council spokesperson in a great piece of arse covering is quoted as saying; " All standard council procurement policies and procedures were followed".

Lets see, that would be:

1. When spending ratepayers’ money go for the worse possible deal imaginable. Check.

2. Choose a product that is grossly unsuitable for the job it has been selected to do. Check.

3. Buy the said product off shore at the expense of a local rate paying business. Check.

4. Try and apportion the blame on someone else and tie the whole thing up in a bureaucratic tangle in the hope it will go away. Check

5. Dig a deep financial hole for your self and then keep digging to get you out of the shit. Check

Yes he's right, they did follow protocol...

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