Drunk And Disorderly

What is it about New Zealanders. Why can we not handle our alcohol?

It seems to me that whenever we have a major event in this country or a celebration of any sort that we need to get drunk and get disorderly as opposed to happy or merry.

What's worse is that we seem to glamorise it.

  1. It’s not cool to vomit over yourself.
  2. It’s not nice to get aggressive and ruin everyone else’s evening.
  3. Your dancing is terrible.
  4. Why have you soiled yourself?
  5. Don’t buy that last round of drinks and you’ll have enough money for a cab home.
  6. If you walk on to the road there’s a higher chance you’ll get run over.
  7. Rubbish Bins are for rubbish.
  8. No one is interested in you shouting and your theories make no sense to anyone but you.
  9. Women don’t find you attractive.
  10. You are a dick.

Thanks Heinekin.


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