Crane Brothers + Samsung

If you are looking for the ultimate in clothing care and maintenance you can now experience it in your own home (or at our High Street store).

Samsung has recently launched the AirDresser and we have partnered with them to showcase this amazing piece of technology.

The Samsung AirDresser is a breath of fresh air in clothing care. It uses powerful air and steam to dust off, deodorise and sanitise your clothes. It even gently dries clothes at a low temperature and smooths out the wrinkles – so there is less ironing.

This sleek unit has been designed to make at-home garment care easy.  Just hang items inside and start with the push of a button or via a smartphone app. 

It is perfect for those of you who have invested in quality garments and can be used for delicate items like cashmere, suede and leather as well as overcoats and even difficult items like down jackets. 

By eliminating odours, bacteria and keeping your clothes fresh, the AirDresser allows you to wash items less, increasing their lifespan.

We cannot recommend it enough.


Crane Brothers + Samsung | Dispatch